Discovery our link with education


AFFINITY has been working closely with the academic world. Our project called AFFINITY_U affirms the position of the company in the market.

Academical background of our Affinity players

Instituto Superior Técnico



We assist students, advising them on academic and professional decisions, drawing on the experience of AFFINITY professionals.

Sponsorship of academic events

We support events through providing our office space in Lisbon as well as by donation of merchandising.


We have developed curricular internships for new graduates mainly in the areas of IT and management

AFFINITY Business Academy

Every year we organize event called Business Academy. The purpose of this event is to recruit new talents for our management teams in Lisbon and Oporto.


We run regular workshops that offer training in behavioural skills, focus and preparation for a successful career.

On the job

We promote “on the job” activities, where we receive students in our offices in Lisbon and introduce them to day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Affinity has unique and innovative philosophy. My Journey with Affinity has allowed me not only to widen my horizons but also discover my professional vocation.

Would you like to develop some activity within the AFFINITY U project?

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AFFINITY Business Academy

The Business Academy is a talent incubator that allows us to reinforce our management teams. The candidates are offered intensive training as well as and in-room training.

We are looking for young and ambitious entrepreneurs, who like to work in a medium-sized competitive company. We believe that the human factor is an essential element in the management and the entire business process. Considering our expansion beyond Portugal, we are looking for talents with fluency in English and availability to travel.

Will be available soon.