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Affinity Portugal is a consultancy company specialised in Technology and Information Systems. Or in Human Relationships. It depends on who you ask.

We develop optimal professional relationships like we mean business.

Here’s why.

We pinpoint the sweet spot where technological know-how meets meaningful interaction.

No barrier is left standing to make sure client interactions stay 24-carat flawless.

To us.

Learning is a precondition. Applying knowledge is an imperative. Never-ending optimization is a must.

To the Affinity Players.

We believe feedback loops to be great things. And so can be feedback coils or curves or helixes. Whatever is best for the job, the client or the process.

To those who share our DNA.

We don’t really believe in working models. We believe in partnership optimization models in motion. Nobody wins unless everybody wins. Great technology is all about optimal relationships. And so are we.

Just like us.

Great technology is always based on perfect relationships.

Meet the team.

We work as a team. We also work as many teams, individuals or whichever combination —we stand for feeling and being optimal in every situation.

Carlos Correia

Partner & CEO

Miguel Marques

Chief Technology Officer

Ana Baptista

Chief People Officer

Catarina Simões

Corporate & Culture Manager

Mafalda Inverno

Learning & Career Manager

Paulo Silva

Chief Financial Officer

Carla Santos

Office Manager

We are all about cutting distance — in work, in relationships and in technology. We are invested to create nothing short of lifetime experiences.

A Lifetime Experience.



Affinity Brands

Our partners and collaborators are full of passion for their work — but not only. We relish on their many talents and motivations. Understanding every professional’s drive is at the core of Affinity’s philosophy.

We stand close to every Affinity Player: from day one to the span of a career.

We offer coaching, formation and all kinds of events. As they learn and develop, so do we. It may be the work that connects us, but it’s the shared achievements that bond us.

There’s been an Affinity members-only music band since 2014

Appropriately named Desaffinity.

We keep adapting our M.O. to better connect with newer generations of talent.

We are already a reference in the Portuguese industry, but we project to grown 20% annually and double our sales by 2020.