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Reinventing our Encounters in a Year ‘Feito num 8’

In a year of so many challenges, we decided to embrace the context and make it the inspiration for our Christmas and company 8th anniversary event. That’s how our ‘Natal Feito num 8!’ was born. A totally virtual event complemented by several initiatives that, throughout the month of December, brought proximity among the entire universe of Affinity employees.


‘Feito num 8’ is a Portuguese expression used when someone is ‘turned around’ or ‘upside down’, what matched perfectly with this truly unexpected year and Christmas celebration.


Celebrated on 12.12.2020 in our specially designed Affinity Digital Arena, the event had a little bit of everything: humor, cuisine, surprises, and a lot of Affinity, in an experience that started well before the settled date! At the beginning of December, our employees were surprised by our Affinity XMAS Box, made up of Portuguese Christmas products, selected for this special season as well as unique and personalized gifts. With the Affinity XMAS Box, there was also a clear invitation that made it irresistible not to be part of the digital adventure that would follow.


The evening of December 12th was therefore very special, full of laughter, dynamism, interaction, and many surprises. Starting with a special thanks from our CEO, Carlos Pais Correia, and a long-awaited announcement brought by our CTO Miguel Marques, the event also featured a fun Show Cooking with Chef Chakall that challenged our players to make a delicious Nutella Brownie! Another highlight of the evening was brought by our comedian Guilherme Duarte, who, once again, made everyone laugh! The event ends with an invitation, bringing all our employees ‘to our encounter’ to make a live toast and celebrate another year of Affinity, together!


In the end, we were left with a true feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for all the positive energy sent by our Players that with great dedication trusted and took part of this experience. It was an authentic demonstration of virtual Affinity in a year that left us, truly ‘Turned Around’! (‘Feitos num 8!’)

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