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1st Quarter 2022: An overview of a confident kick off

Completed the first 3 months of the year, it is time to review Affinity’s 2022 objectives and trace an overview on what has been accomplished and what will be the priorities for the next quarter in the areas of Governance, Operations, People, Technologies, Marketing and Communications and Office Management.


During this time, a positive balance can be highlighted about the direction of the company, achieved milestones, and emphasis on keep improving the quality of all processes and business. With a continued focus on building strong and consistent relationships with clients and all stakeholders and the clear intention to expand internationally through nearshore, Affinity continues its way through 2022 having its targets in place and the ultimate aim of becoming a key IT services partner on a European level.


The first three months of the year were also strongly dedicated to restructuring our Keywork, now divided into three products that effectively serve different client’s needs, business areas and priorities. These products are now ready to be communicated and made available for the market.


Opening this 2nd Quarter, Affinity also celebrates one year since integrating Microsoft’s Marketplace, as Microsoft Silver Partner in the areas of ‘Application Integration’, ‘Application Development’ and ‘Cloud Platform’. Celebrating one year since Affinity counts with Microsoft’s trust and support in specific matters, exclusive for the partner network. These include benefits to the company and all its employees through business and management advantages, training, access to assistance platforms and technical support, products, and others.


In a year that promises many developments, the progress of the first months of Affinity makes us believe it is a year in which we will continue to affirm the #ALifetimeExperience that unites us.

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