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2020, a year of consolidation and commitment

Opening full of promises, 2020 turnout to be a year full of challenges. Despite the adversities, Affinity maintained its development strategy at a national and international level, focusing on the quality of services and the strengthening of the relations with customers and employees aiming to consolidate its position in the market and grow its teams.


In fact, during this year we hired around 100 new employees for opportunities in both our Corporate and Consulting structures. Approximately 30 of the hired employees came from the Affinity Scouting Program, our referral program under which our people and followers can recommend other professionals whom they believe to be a good fit for our company. The progress of this program highlights the fact that we are a IT consulting company with an increasing expression in the market and that values the references received by those who know us best to build a strong and solid team.


At the same time, this growth also reflects a real commitment to the ability to respond to the needs of our customers. In the paradigm shift required from the third month of the year throughout all 2020, we were able to adapt to the world situation, to the priorities of our customers and to the new reality and needs required on our market. We therefore believe that this year has proven our responsiveness and adaptation capacity, consolidated our value in the Information Technology market and solidified our Affinity vision and mission.


With the end of the year approaching and already anticipating plans for the next, Affinity is proud of the growth registered in 2020 and seeks to continue to grow in talent and business in an increasingly significant and solid way.

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