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2020 Training Calendar opens with striking new Affinity Talks

Learning (Apprenticeship) is one of Affinity’s four core values. In addition to ‘Affinity’, ‘Ambition’ and ‘Action’, the Portuguese consulting company believes that what makes a good professional is the ability and willingness to learn and explore new skills.


It is, therefore, very important for the company to offer its employees unique opportunities to learn more about topics that interest them adding real and tangible value to their personal and professional life.


This being said, year after year, Affinity’s Learning & Career department seeks to respond to the challenge of guaranteeing the continuity of the most successful training courses, at the same time that it strives to launch useful new topics adjusted to the needs and preferences of its employees. In order to make this possible, feedback is collected from the company’s employees throughout the year, aiming to identify their preferred areas and topics amongst the offered training, as well as what other areas/topics would they wish to explore.


Having the obtained feedback in mind, this year, Affinity inaugurated a new learning modality entitled ‘Affinity Talks’ that will consist of short training courses with the aim of introducing topics of interest to different people from diverse positions and roles within the company.


The 2020 Training Calendar was premiered this month with two Talks, one related to Emotional Intelligence and the other related to Docker. Both registered a huge interest and adhesion of the company’s employees as commented by Mafalda Inverno, Affinity Learning & Career Manager “The two Talks that inaugurated this years’ Training Calendar went extremely well. I believe that our 2020 plan truly reflects our commitment to offering quality learning and real and constant career evolution.”


With this great start, this year, Affinity employees will have the opportunity to register and participate in the most diverse Training and Talks according to their interest and availability: from soft skills to hard skills, from short duration programs to more in-depth training programs.


For more information about our Training Calendar please contact:

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