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8 Years of Affinity History

It is with great affection that we remember one of the first and most remarkable days in the history of a company born with a mission of uniting Affinity to Technology. Eight years ago, on June 21st, 2012, Affinity began this incredible journey with its foundation as a company.


With the motto in which great Technology is based on perfect relationships, Affinity has been building its path ever since, assuming an important role in the Portuguese Technological reality, defending the values of Affinity, Ambition, Action, and Apprenticeship. Values that distinguished the company from the moment of its constitution and continue to make it so unique today.


Throughout this growth, several steps have been taken in order to unite technological knowledge with an authentic focus on people. Affinity believes that the secret lies in the sincere opening of processes, in which adjustment is the key to success, and on the basis of which we find excellent communication and cooperation.


To all the employees who contributed to Affinity’s growth over these 8 years, thank you for your commitment to this Lifetime Experience!

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