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A sweet thank you in Easter time

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the day-to-day we were used to. Social and economic systems have undergone drastic changes worldwide and health systems have tried to respond in the best way they can, fighting this invisible enemy on the front row. With Easter approaching, Affinity couldn’t help but think about the health professionals who embody this struggle with commitment and dedication, taking the initiative to send them a sweet treat as a way of saying thank you.


We took this special season to express our gratitude by sending personalized chocolate boxes with a special message for the three main hospitals fighting Covid-19 in Portugal: São João Hospital in Porto and Curry Cabral and Santa Maria Hospitals in Lisbon.


The new Coronavirus has crossed the world at a breakneck speed, infecting more than 2 million people all around the globe. In the fight against this pandemic, we all work together to protect ourselves and comply with the indications conveyed by the WHO about protection, hygiene and prophylactic quarantine issues. Still, those who feel the most the impact of this situation are the Health Professionals who end up becoming one of the main groups at risk of infection by Covid-19, due to their permanent contact with the citizens who present symptoms.


Affinity continues to embrace permanent and full Remote work policies enabled by the total commitment of its employees and the agility provided by Keywork, our key work tool for the smooth running of projects and business. Affinity’s philosophy of proximity, responsibility, and respect prevails stronger than ever, with the company’s employees taking on this period with great professionalism and team spirit.


The world as we know it will never be the same, but it is up to us to assume an active role in our society and our planet, by giving back, building and defending a healthier, responsible and more supportive world, a world with more affinity.

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