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A Year-End of Hiring, Expansion and Ambition

One of Affinity’s values is Ambition – and this is possibly one of the keywords that best describes the second semester of the year. Although this has been a year of many challenges, we embrace this month of September with confidence about the future. With the return to school, we will be back to our usual participation in university events across the country and our recruitment team is focused on hiring new talent both in management and technological areas.


Although our recruitment processes have been 100% digital since March, they have remained strong and active throughout the year. The Affinity team has been in a constant growth, expanding in the Corporate areas of national and international business development and Human Resources, as well as, in our consulting team in areas such as Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, QA, Software Development, Digital Transformation, UX/UI Design, Systems, among others.


In addition to these, a strong market expansion is also felt amongst the areas of Cybersecurity, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud, and others.


As Affinity expands for international markets, it is essential to add strong talent to our company, ensuring high-performance teams dedicated to the development and remote monitoring of IT projects, maintenance and application support taking place in several European countries. We aim to offer excellent job opportunities to our people and be able to efficiently answer the different needs of our customers. It is our focus to build solid, prosperous, and long-term relationships and this is an important moment in the history of the company where our nearshore valency is increasingly becoming a reference.


Whether made possible in person or virtually, we set a high value on shortening the distance between talent and opportunity. Above all, we want to make 2020 a year of healthy development, striving to be close to our people and be certain of our capacity to face all market circumstances, shifts and needs.

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