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Affinity Academy announces 10 seats on board.

The Portuguese technology consultancy that grew the most in 2016, announces the take off of Academia Business for the first weeks of September. The gate is open to 10 new graduates who apply for training at Affinity headquarters in downtown Lisbon.


Business Academy is a talent incubator aimed at strengthening Affinity Business Development teams, focusing on project management and Nearshoring, Outsourcing and Software & Product Development. It will integrate participants with higher education in Management, Human Resources Management, Information Technologies and similar areas.


The Academy will begin with an intensive period of training and classroom training, in which the best management practices that enhance success, growth and personal / professional appreciation will be passed on by experts from various fields.


All departments of Affinity will be involved (technological development, office, marketing, talent, business). Candidates who, after nine months, are able to innovate and evolve in a changing market, will be integrated into the company and begin to develop their national and / or international career.


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