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Affinity announces new webinar under the topic “Nearshore & Culture”

Affinity will organize on September 21, 2021, at 9:30 am GMT, the Webinar “Nearshore & Culture: The importance of Culture in Nearshore Technological Projects”, in which Affinity specialists and invited experts from AICEP and Evident will discuss the way culture influences decision making when choosing a nearshore partner; and how to build bridges and lead thriving and strong business relationships in a nearshore project context.


In an increasingly global technological reality, Nearshore has been gaining expression. However, there are particularities inherent to the development of projects in this format and relevant factors to ensure that this cooperation is successful. What, therefore, is the role played by culture in the process of initiating and managing nearshore projects?


Hosted by Affinity, this webinar will feature contributions from Philomène Dias, Director of Inward Investment at AICEP; Ferry Meijndert, CEO of Evident; Carlos Pais Correia, CEO of Affinity and Pedro Salomão Esteves, Delivery Manager in one of Affinity’s key Nearshore operations leading a team on a fully remote software development project.


The webinar will start with an overview of the current Portuguese technological scene brought by Philomène Dias, Inward Investment Director at AICEP, which will bring facts and data that support why Portugal is becoming a key location for IT projects. Thereafter, Ferry Meijndert, CEO of Evident, will share the role played by culture in a nearshore business partnership: How does cultural alignment influence the choice of a Nearshore partner? How important is transparent communication in the process of building trust when working with a team remotely? Or; what are the key factors for a nearshore partnership to work effectively? Following these perspectives we will enter into a concrete reality of nearshore project management with Pedro Esteves, Delivery Manager at Affinity, sharing his vision and experience about the importance of creating a strong team culture while managing a development project in a fully remote system. Finally, Carlos Pais Correia, CEO of Affinity will analyze the how, why, and when to start a nearshore partnership, going through the main aspects to consider in order to ensure sustainable and long-term nearshore cooperation. Before the end of the event, there will be a moment dedicated to Q&A with the speakers, where the audience can interact, ask questions, or share their own experiences.


Affinity’s second webinar of 2021 will thus aim to create an opportunity for open discussion about the importance of Culture in Nearshore Technological projects, in a complete and strategic manner. The Webinar will be completely free of charge and will take place on the 21st of September at 9:30 am Lisbon time – GMT.


More information and registration through the website:

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