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Affinity at the forefront as a Nearshore partner

The current shortage of IT professionals in Europe drives the clear need to invest in Nearshore strategies, which allow technological and operational development through foreign countries. With one of the fastest growing technological ecosystems in Europe, Portugal has become a preferred destination to respond to this need, being increasingly called the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’.


With a structure specialized in IT projects, maintenance and application support, Affinity has been strengthening its ability to design, develop and implement Nearshore technological solutions, responding actively and proactively to the need for accuracy, efficiency, and proximity with customers all over Europe and around the world.


According to the German digital association Bitkom, there are tens of thousands of jobs in the technological area that need to be filled and that represent an IT skills shortage. The study adds that 65% of the companies surveyed confirm the lack of professionals, especially software developers, help desks, information technology, data security and business intelligence experts.


This reality felt in Germany is somewhat shared by several European countries. Allied to an undeniable trend towards the need to digitize processes in companies, it is now imperative that companies can follow up on the implemented technological strategies and find solutions for the IT requirements they need to master. Nearshore can help companies respond to these requirements with the great advantage of remaining agile and being able to react flexibly to short-term changes “At Affinity, we have an agile structure prepared to meet not only the needs that are presented to us in a first phase, but if the technological requirements change, we can easily align teams of experts accordingly at any time”, says Carlos Pais Correia, CEO of Affinity.


Portugal is a country that, due to political and social stability, quality of life, and location combined with the technical skills of Portuguese professionals drive the trend to become a reference country when it comes to the development of technological projects, justifying the way in which Nearshore projects in Portugal develop efficiently, rigorously, and professionally.


As a provider of international technology consulting services, Affinity proposes high quality solutions, adapted to the needs of each company in the remote development of its technological projects, keeping the focus on the human aspect and assuming the commitment to create mutually prosperous relationships with its employees and customers from all over the world.

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