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Affinity CEO, Carlos Pais Correia, launches his 2nd book

After launching his first book “CEO: Manual de Sobrevivência”, in October 2020, Carlos Pais Correia Affinity’s Chief Executive Officer now announces the launch of his second book under his own name: CEO of my Life.


Like his first book, “CEO of my life” is also presented in 52 Principles, following the number of weeks in a year and seeks to help us manage our lives as if it was a company based on intelligence focus, planning and a lot of resilience. A book that defends the importance of having what we want, and more importantly, being what we want to be on the prosperous and challenging path of every day.


A book based on the professional and personal experience of the author, co-founder and CEO of Affinity, an IT consultancy company with a focus on people and the development of successful experiences for both customers and employees. Graduated in Computer Engineering and holding an executive MBA, his professional experience has been in realities as diverse as France, Switzerland, Belgium, Morocco, and Portugal. Since this year, he has also been a level 1 coach certified by the International Coaching Federation.


“CEO of my life” will be presented on November 2nd, at 6:30 pm at FNAC in Colombo – Lisbon, opened by Tim Viera, CEO of Brave Generation Academy, and invites all interested and curious people to participate.


There is always growth in sharing, so thank you Carlos and congratulations for your contribution, example and knowledge.

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