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Affinity CEO Carlos Pais Correia publishes his first book

Since 2012, Carlos Pais Correia, Affinity’s CEO and co-founder, has been dedicated to growing what has become a key reference company in the technologies sector. Based on his own experience over these years of leadership, the exchange of ideas with other managers and entrepreneurs, and his acquired knowledge through reference literature, Carlos announces the launch of his first book “CEO Manual de Sobrevivência“.


This CEO Survival Manual – “CEO Manual da Sobrevivência” – intends to work as a right hand for those who are new in the CEO position or another leadership position. It aims to help the reader in their moments of choice, decision making by being prepared for constant adjustment in ever changing environments. Building a prosperous path is challenging, so in the 52 principles he proposes in his “Survival Manual”, Carlos Correia seeks to share useful insights for a successful journey. There are 52 principles, as many as the weeks in a year, aiming to guide the leader – or aspiring leader – during his first steps in a new company or function.


The book was edited by Cultura Editora and the preface was written by the entrepreneur and businessman Tim Vieira. With a very straightforward and accessible tone, this book seeks to be the base that helps leaders to target and direct their efforts in an efficient way. The book will be launched on November 6th, date from which it will be available for purchase online or throughout the bookstores.


Carlos Pais Correia has a degree in computer engineering and an executive master’s degree in business management, having gone through several experiences throughout his career, until in 2012 he decided to start his own dream company, Affinity, built on the intention to redefine the concept of IT consulting making it more relational and people-focused.


There’s always growth in sharing our experiences, so thank you very much Carlos and our most sincere congratulations for your contribution, example, and knowledge.


More information and orders on the website:

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