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Affinity closes another year of growth and raises 2020 targets

In the first half of January 2020, Affinity feels it is entering the new year on the right foot. With a clear growth in all financial indicators compared to the previous year and a constant evolution in its 7 years of activity, the company couldn’t be more confident of its value in the Information Technology market.


Indeed, 2019 was marked by the consolidation of Affinity’s position in the national market, a strong commitment to international expansion and real growth in all financial indicators. The company’s turnover increased by 36% compared to the previous year, EBITDA grew by more than 100%, reaching a 15% EBITDA / VN. Indicators to which can be added an increase in the number of employees and in the number of new customers.


The Key.Work platform, Affinity’s proprietary software that enables efficient and optimized human resources management, also registered an increased interest in the market counting today with 12 customers and more than 400 users.


With this positive and solid conjuncture, Affinity looks forward to 2020 with a clear focus on expanding its Nearshore competency specially targeting markets such as Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Benelux and France. In this sense, the strong hiring of talent and the creation of new technological hubs are obvious priorities for this new year. There is a wide need to gather the best talent, set-up competent and motivated teams and thus respond efficiently to all customer requests. Carlos Pais Correia, Affinity’s CEO and founder comments “Affinity is a company that stands out among its customers for the quality of its people at all stages of the relationship. It is this quality that we want to continue to offer in Portugal and in Europe. For 2020 I see a clear focus on the international expansion of our services, an extraordinary increase in the number of employees and a strong expression of our commitment to the social and environmental environment.”


Headquartered in Lisbon, with offices in Porto and Leiria and a collective workforce of about 300 employees, Affinity provides consulting services based on a very relational approach, where the success and satisfaction of its clients and consultants is an unremitting factor of culture and identity.

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