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Affinity completes the first semester of 2021 with remarkable growth

Having completed the first six months of the year, Affinity’s Corporate team gathered for an e-meeting last Monday to celebrate its latest achievements and to set the goals that will guide the second semester of 2021.


A meeting that is already part of Affinity’s annual calendar, in which the leaders of each department share the highlights of the first six months of the year, objectives completed, progress made and strategies to be adopted in the second half of the year in the areas of Governance, Operation – Business and People Management, Technologies, Marketing and Communication and Office Management.


During this corporate meeting, a very positive balance was made of Affinity’s performance this year. Counting now with more than 350 employees, the company is performing remarkably in several business metrics, having registered a 22% growth in the first semester when compared to the same period in 2020 and having reached a general revenue of 7M€ distributed by nearshore services, outsourcing and Cloud products licensing, namely Keywork.


Another important highlight of this first semester of 2021 was the celebration of the Microsoft Silver Partnership in the areas of ‘Application Integration’ and ‘Application Development’, an occasion that made us very proud and confirmed our value as a reference IT consulting company in Portugal. Another key event was the first Affinity Webinar on Digital Transformation, which will be followed by new themes being explored with the purpose of sharing information and strengthening the relationship with clients and potential clients at national and international level.


For the second half of the year, the business development team remains focused on ensuring its strong response capacity, consistency in the relationship with clients and the expansion into the nearshore market. The talent development team will continue to focus on searching, interviewing, and bringing to the company the best professionals in various areas of technology, expecting to hire over 100 new professionals in areas ranging from testers, software engineers, devops, business analysts, project managers, architects, among others.


Affinity will continue its path as a reference consultancy company in the information technology market, projecting a future in which we shorten the distance that separates us from the opportunities, and bring us closer to our purpose: To create, promote and develop unique experiences, thus translating a real commitment to the creation of mutually prosperous relationships with people, the market, society, and nature.

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