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Affinity consolidates competence and positioning as a Nearshore partner

In its tenth year of activity, Affinity consistently reinforces its position as a strategic partner in the area of IT outsourcing and nearshore, consolidating its ability to design, develop and implement technological solutions at a national and international level and growing in structure and geography.


Nearshore continues to evolve as a key solution for many companies in Europe and around the world. With teams specialized in a vast technological stack, Affinity solves and simplifies IT projects for companies with a focus on consistency, rigor and building partnership relationships with its customers.


With projects ranging from software development, application development, migration of platforms and management tools, infrastructure, business analysis, functional analysis, cybersecurity, quality assurance, e-commerce systems, support, testing, analytics, digitization processes business and many other areas, Affinity takes a flexible approach adapted to customer needs.


Customers are thus assured of an efficient management of operations with frequent feedback and the possibility of a greater or lesser involvement in the development of projects in accordance with their business strategies. Professionals are guaranteed continuous career development, opportunities for learning and knowledge development, close monitoring and benefits inside and outside the professional sphere.


With the end of the year approaching and a structure prepared to respond to more and more demanding IT projects, we highlight a positive balance and a renewed focus on continuing to improve the agility of teams and processes, the excellence of our professionals and proactive and close monitoring of both customers and employees.

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