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Affinity from north to south!

Affinity defends the value of people. Talents are recognized and cherished with clear a career evolution that accompanies the company’s constant and exponential growth throughout its 7 years.


Top talent recruitment and management is key to Affinity’s success reason why the company strives to be present at various university events all through the year and all over Portugal. Affinity finds in these events ideal opportunities to introduce the company to students, presenting the career solutions it has to offer and looking for transmitting its unique company DNA. The potential bonds created with students on these occasions are an investment in the future, where Affinity professionals interact directly with future talents, taking questions and establishing the relation for later job opportunities.


The first event of the year was the Ironhack Hiring Day in Lisbon on January 17th. This is an event where future talents have the opportunity to practice their argumentation skills by simulating job interviews. Next month Affinity will be present at FISTA 2020 on March 4th at ISCTE, at Pitch Bootcamp on March 7th at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, at the Employment Fair on the 11th at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal and at FEUP Engineering Days on the 24th in Porto. In April, Affinity will be at MOVE IN at ESTG Politécnico do Porto on the 12th and at Future Maker at NOVA IMS on the 15th. May will be a very eventful month with participation in the UA – Now Uhat? at the University of Aveiro, the IST Jobshop and the Pitch Boothcamps of NOVA IMS, Técnico and IP in Leiria.


Altogether there will be close to 20 events throughout the year where Affinity talent recruiters will bring all their affinity and desire to meet students from various parts of the country!


Affinity foresees a 2020 made of important achievements, with a strong focus on its Nearshore aspect and, thus, anticipating a great international expansion. In this sense, one of the priorities is the hiring of professionals who reinforce Affinity’s management and technical consultancy teams.

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