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Affinity Nearshore Operations thrive all over Europe

Portugal is becoming an increasingly appealing destination for the implementation of Nearshore operations particularly in the IT sector. Political and social stability, quality of life, and location, allied to the technical skills of Portuguese professionals, are some of the key factors that drive this trend and that justifying the way Nearshore projects in Portugal develop efficiently, rigorously, and professionally.


With 9 years of experience in information technology consultancy, Affinity has an increasing international presence with operations taking place in locations as diverse as France, Scandinavia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany, Italy, United States and Canada.


With projects ranging from software development, application development, migration of platforms and internal management tools, infrastructure, business analysis, cybersecurity, quality assurance, e-commerce systems, testing, analytics, digital transformation projects and many others technological areas, Affinity takes a flexible approach tailored to customer needs. Nearshore operations can, on the one hand, work directly under the client’s management with teams/professionals hired by Affinity (Team Extension) or, on the other hand, independently, with a local Delivery Manager/Team Leader who plans and manages a cross-functional team and reports directly to the client (Team Replication). The choice of project modality will depend on the identified need, customer priorities and the growth of the project itself. Project management is carried using agile methodologies according to the client’s preference.


Today, with 3 offices in Portugal: Lisbon, Porto and Obidos, Affinity counts with an experienced and organized structure that guarantees quality operations from the first contact with the client to the recruitment and monitoring of qualified teams and encompassing the training and career management of its employees. In fact, all Affinity employees have access to unique learning and career development opportunities since joining the company. From an initial training to access to the annual training calendar, e-learning platforms and exclusive opportunities with the Microsoft Partner Training Center, employees can also enjoy specific individual training according to their motivations and Individual Career Plan. Affinity’s goal is to ensure the continuous evolution of its people and the highest standards of technological expertise. Customers are thus assured of efficient development of operations as well as a close and proactive relationship ensuring timely follow ups and monitoring in line with their business strategies.


Affinity believes that “Great business is always based on great relationships”, and for this reason, it maintains its focus on the human aspect, making a commitment to create mutually prosperous relationships and ensure good business and career experiences for its clients and professionals. With increasingly ambitious projects coming from different parts of the world, Affinity reinforces its capacity to adapt and overcome, fostered by the trust of important customers in the most varied business areas.

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