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Affinity offers Portuguese Language Classes for Foreign Employees

In a globalized world where the hiring market becomes global and diversity in the workplace is celebrated, we couldn’t be prouder to announce that Affinity has initiated a program aimed at facilitating the integration of its foreign employees by providing Portuguese language classes.


Recognizing that language is not only a means of communication but also a gateway to understanding and embracing a new culture, Affinity has introduced Portuguese language classes tailored specifically for its foreign workforce. With the objective of breaking down linguistic barriers and fostering deeper connections within the workplace and the local community, these language courses are designed to empower employees with the linguistic skills needed to navigate their professional and/or personal lives with confidence and ease.


“At Affinity, we value the rich diversity of our workforce and understand the importance of creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel welcomed and supported,” remarked Mafalda Inverno, Affinity’s Learning & Career Manager. “By offering Portuguese language classes, we aim to provide our foreign employees with the tools they need to fully immerse themselves in Portuguese culture, forge meaningful connections with their colleagues, and ultimately thrive in both their professional and personal lives.”


The Portuguese language courses, conducted by experienced language instructors, cover a comprehensive range of topics, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and cultural nuances. Classes are held twice a week, online, to better accommodate employees’ work and life commitments and ensure maximum participation. In the classes it is created a pleasant and open environment where all the students have the chance to participate and engage in practical conversations with each other.


Fares Gharbi, Affinity’s Talent Manager from Tunisia shared: “The Portuguese language training is not a mere formality. We’re having the time of our lives exploring a new language that feels so distant yet so close. We’re working on it as a team, coming from different backgrounds and creating genuine interaction practices filled with bursts of laughter and cultural understanding.” Adding that “This lifetime experience is challenging us in the best way possible, a different language is a different vision of life. The best part is that we get to practice our learnings everyday within our respective teams, this is greatly helping us shaping our network in this beautiful country.”


As Affinity continues to expand its global footprint and welcome talent from around the world, initiatives such as the Portuguese language classes exemplify the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive workplace culture where every employee can thrive, regardless of their cultural background or native language. By investing in the linguistic and cultural integration of its workforce, Affinity is not only enriching the lives of its employees but also strengthening its position as a global leader in the IT consulting industry.


In a world where diversity is celebrated and cultural exchange is encouraged, Affinity aims to set an example of how companies can harness the power of language and culture to create environments where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to succeed.

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