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Affinity organizes Digital Transformation Webinar

Affinity will organize on April 15th at 10h00, the Webinar “DIGITAL TRANFORMATION: How is the work environment changing and why digital transformation is no longer optional?”, in which it will bring to discussion the changes in the work dynamics – present and future – accelerated by Digital Transformation. Affinity and Microsoft experts will be leading the Webinar.


The concept of Digital Transformation is increasingly present in today’s business environment. It is inevitably necessary for companies and professionals to deal with the changes brought by the fast pace of technological development, whether they find themselves in a context where this development happened in a structured and gradual manner or in a sudden way, compelled by the global scene.


Promoted by Affinity, this Webinar will count with the contribution of Abel Aguiar, Executive Director & Board Member responsible for the Partner Channel at Microsoft Portugal, that will analyze how the work environment is changing, how the very concept of work environment can, and should, be rethought and how to manage teams and expectations in the context of Digital Transformation. This opening talk will be followed by Duarte Filipe, Innovation Analyst and Digital Transformation specialist that will share how Digital Transformation becomes an opportunity for companies, breaking down the concept and outlining a strategic vision that will help organizations frame and prioritize the main responsible parties: People, Processes and Technology. To close the Webinar with a functional perspective Miguel Marques, Chief Technologies Officer at Affinity, will share his vision on the subject, presenting some techniques, methodologies and work tools that can support business and team management in digital contexts. The event will end not before a space for Q&A with the speakers, where the audience will be able to interact, ask questions, or share their own experiences.


This webinar will be completely free of charge and will take place on April 15th, 2021 at 10am inviting all professionals who want to find out more about the topic to be part of the event. The purpose will be to put the subject of Digital Transformation under discussion in a practical and sustained way, bringing value to all participants by sharing information that can be integrated into any professional context and business area.


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