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Affinity presents a new way to share know-how, the #AffinityTips

The month of March marked the beginning of a new Affinity initiative, designed to once again, be a space for sharing know-how, from our employees to the entire technological community and beyond– the Affinity Tips.


In cooperation with Affinity’s Learning & Career department, the Marketing and Communications department now shares small videos on a monthly basis, in which company employees present some tips on technological skills they master, useful suggestions, know-how they consider relevant for other professionals or even some advices on how to maximize the use of tools already present in your day-to-day work, as was the case of the first Affinity Tip, by Sandra Costa who shared some insights about the use of One Note in a project management context.


The videos are shared internally but also on all Affinity social media platforms, in order to promote the acquisition of knowledge not only among our people, but in an open way to followers and all the curious.


As Learning (Apprenticeship) is one of Affinity’s values, we take every opportunity to recognize the quality of our people’s sharing and their value, giving them the stage to assume real expression in today’s technology.

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