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Affinity & Proximity through Digital

Today, digital communication channels play a fundamental role, enabling the continuity of functional networks where an almost daily contact strengthens the relationships between Affinity and its communities. It is through digital media that Affinity seeks to be closer to its Players and potential players, as well as clients and prospect clients.


The company’s philosophy is marked by proximity and kinship, particularities that can be felt in any of Affinity’s digital spaces, where the intention is to be able to sincerely transmit what it is like to be part of the company. In Affinity’s social networks, individual, team, and business victories are celebrated, special days are commemorated, and important moments are shared. The truth is that these reflect the company’s identity and, whether they happen in person or remotely, they are part of Affinity’s daily reality.


In addition to social networks and the launching of the blog “With Affinity”, a space where Affinity players share knowledge and know-how with new or future professionals; efforts were also directed to the company’s website, upgrading it with fresh new features and information. The website is the gateway to Affinity’s universe, those who visit the website get to know Affinity’s DNA, outsourcing and nearshore solutions, and the career opportunities the company has open. With several elements worth exploring, Affinity’s website also allows everyone who cannot resist to be part of the company, to respond to a small Quizz sharing their motivations and career ambitions and leaving up to Affinity the challenge of finding the right opportunity for them!


Affinity’s main goal is to be transparent, present, proactive, and unite its audience. A union that has become even more necessary in the unprecedented times that the world is going through and that digital channels help making it more authentic.

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