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Affinity supports the child-care association ‘Casa de Apoio à Criança de Guimarães’

The first Affinity Table Tennis Tournament combined competition with social responsibility, leading us to help ‘Casa de Apoio à Criança de Guimarães’, a child support center in the city of Guimarães, Portugal.


The tournament, announced at our Start Up 2023 event and organized by Affinity and the Table Tennis Community in the first half of the year, gave the opportunity to the winner to select an Association within the company’s Social Responsibility vectors, so that Affinity could support this year in a meaningful way.


Casa de Apoio à Criança de Guimarães ended up being the chosen association, selected by the winner of the tournament, Daniel Salgado, an Association that represents a social response, in the temporary shelter and support for children who are victims of abuse, neglect or abandonment, providing them with a safe environment, promoting their health, education, well-being and integral development.


Once the association was chosen, we tried to respond to a real and concrete need they had at hand, what came to be related to health. We ensured the extra vaccinations from the National Vaccination Plan, recommended in pediatric consultations for babies and children aged between 1 month and 3 years. Given that these vaccines do not have any co-payment and are of considerable value, the help represented a great significance for the children, making us very happy with the opportunity to support an organization close to one of our employees and, above all, for the impact this action represents for the children themselves and for the Association’s budget.


For Affinity, it is a priority to give back, playing an active, positive, and actual role in the society and the world we live in. Therefore, we seek to sustain, and add value by acting in three vectors: protecting Nature, protecting, and defending the rights of Animals and protecting and defending the rights of Children, these three vectors are the spine of our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, a commitment upon which we operate and have in mind at all times. Our heart is full!

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