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Affinity united in a June full of encounters and perspective

June brings a clear desire to get together and enjoy outdoor activities together. This is also the month to review the first six months of the year and look ahead to the second half of the year as a team.


With this in mind, in the first week of the month we held the ‘Santos à Affinity’ get-together, where we set out to bring the spirit of Saint Anthony to our Lisbon office, decorating it in style and inviting our people to stop by the office to end the day in an enjoyable way opening the season with snacks and good vibes.


Inspired by the sense of time that 2024 has brought us and the desire to spend quality time with our loved ones, on Saturday 22nd June we will open the doors to our first Affinity Fest, a festival-style event where the invitation has been extended to Affinity families. There will be fun activities for all ages, on a day that will include workshops, dips in the pool, the entertainment of one of the bands of the moment who will bring the summer rhythm we need to a gathering that we anticipate will be full of dynamism, sun and Affinity.


The end of the month will also be marked by the end-of-semester meeting of Affinity’s management team. The aim of this meeting is to review the first half of the year assessing the progress made by the different areas in relation to the year’s objectives and planning the strategy for the second half of the year as a team, with different dynamics, leadership activities and moments for both learning as well as socializing.


Affinity is proud to continue to be a benchmark company in the technology sector, and a strategic partner with a focus on consistency, relationships and quality. The month of June ensures that our teams are ready for the second half of the year, united by Affinity, Action, Ambition and Apprenticeship (Learning) the values that characterize us.

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