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Affinity welcomes #TechGirl in Lisbon for an IT Nearshore workshop

On 14 November, Affinity was visited by a team of Dutch technology professionals for a special “Girls in Tech” meeting.


WebSummit offers undeniable opportunities in various technological areas, attracting talent, experiences and a huge synergy of collaborations and innovation. The meeting with these professionals, who were in Lisbon for the Web Summit 2023, also follows on from the work Affinity has been doing in close contact with the Dutch market, and after the bridge established with Anke Horstman, editor-in-chief of Techgirl – currently one of the main technology websites in the Benelux region, which she created in 2012.


In the same context, Affinity was delighted to welcome and present its business model and its Keywork brand to a very interested group of female professionals in the field. It was a conversation that touched on various points in the way we do technology: mainly in the context of nearshore projects and the teams dedicated to the remote development of IT projects, the Affinity working model, recruitment and career management, various examples of success stories including Dutch companies and, of course, the Keywork brand, the possibilities it offers and the main differentiating factors.


We would like to thank Anke Horstman, Sandra Wouters, Linda Ammerlaan-Morssink, Cheryl Porcelijn and Stephanie De Letter for their interest in the Affinity value proposition and for joining us in a workshop that very naturally involved us in a partnership environment.


Still on, it’s a website that seeks to simplify technology with the aim of making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone, offering a wide range of content, from social media and programming to privacy and data analysis. Its mission is to empower women in the field of technology, both for knowledge and entertainment.


This face-to-face meeting, of important conversations with like-minded business professionals, is an excellent opportunity to generate ideas and demonstrate the Affinity that unites us.

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