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Affinity’s React Training Programme was yet another success

For Affinity, the Learning process is something innate, regular, constant. In the increasingly innovative and demanding context in which Affinity integrates its business, it is of extreme importance to give employees the opportunity to improve and acquire skills that may lead them to excellence. That is why Affinity guarantees the continuity of Training and Certifications, such as the React Training Program, completed this last week of April.


This is a training that we have been proud to offer to our employees for consecutive years and that was planned to take place throughout the month of April. At the present times, given the obligation to stay at home, we committed ourselves to maintain the programme, but with the particularity of being given 100% online and in real-time, with the attentive accompaniment of the trainer. As in previous years, we had a high level of interest and participation from our players. Usually, the course is given on a B-Learning basis, with face-to-face sessions, synchronous sessions, and asynchronous follow-up sessions. This type of training offers a lot of autonomy to those who participate, with very practical moments, beyond the transmission of knowledge.


The overall objective of this training is the introduction to the development of SPA (Single Page Applications) with React. It follows the “Hands-on Training” method, where participants develop a real application throughout the course. React is a Javascript “Library” and has been well received, mainly due to its performance, scalability, and simplicity, made available in the development of large-scale applications. It is characterized by the implementation of a “Virtual DOM” responsible for the automatic update of the application’s DOM whenever there is a change in the Data Model (M).


Affinity’s Learning & Career department seeks to offer different training actions, providing added value to employees by gathering feedback on which topics are most interesting and most needed, adjusting the type of Training offered, and supporting the acquisition of new knowledge and skills of our players.

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