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Angular Workshops for the 2nd Semester at Affinity

In the context of the month of September, and the return to the Affinity Training Calendar, the next two months will be dedicated to training actions in a JavaScript development framework: Angular. A complex and constantly updated Google open-source project built in collaboration with Microsoft.


There will be 4 training moments in workshop format, in which different Angular themes will be addressed: Reactive Programming; Component Communication; HTTP Client & WebSockets and State Management and NGRX.


The first training, Reactive Programming in Angular, aims to review concepts of Observables e Observers, and use of the RxJS library. The second workshop, on Component Communication, will strengthen concepts about communication and data passing between components of an application, use of Observables for state persistence (front-end) in an application as well as understanding how the “change detection” algorithm works in Angular. In the HTTP Client & WebSockets training course, we intend to consolidate the use of the HTTPClient Module in Angular in communicating with web servers, using interceptors, and establishing communications with WebSockets. The last workshop on State Management and NGRX will focus on reviewing the “Flux” design pattern, and using the NGRX library, in managing the global state (front and back-end) of a web application.


Until the end of October, there are, therefore, four exclusive learning moments for employees interested in exploring these areas of Angular, consolidating knowledge, or even opening doors within this technology area.

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