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At Affinity, Fridays are for… Insights

The Information Technology sector is a complex and rapidly developing one. The wide multiplicity of technological needs leads to the constant appearance of new skills, professional profiles, and, of course, from Affinity’s standpoint to an incessant search for talents specialized in the most varied technologies. In order to explore and exchange knowledge about this constantly evolving sector, Affinity created the Friday Insights – informal learning sessions on the most varied areas of technology.


The initiative created by Affinity’s Talent department was based on the intention of meeting weekly in a relaxed way and sharing information, questions, and ideas about a particular subject. During these sessions was created an open, positive, and constructive exchange of thoughts and doubts, mediated by Cristiana Vicente, Talent Unit Manager at Affinity, or by invited professionals that could bring their insights about a certain topic. The unquestionable value that this initiative brought to the team started to attract members of other teams and departments that also wanted to join the encounters.


From these brainstorming sessions “Affinity Friday Insights” was born.


With the start of full remote work due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Affinity Friday Insights were continued fully online not losing any of the characteristics and intentions with which they were created. This remains a space for positive and informal exchange of knowledge which, given its success and relevance to any of the company’s departments, has now been extended to the entire Affinity Corporate team.
The Friday Insights will take place every Friday, always with a different theme that will be presented at the beginning of the week inviting all those who are interested to be present either in person or through digital presence.


Since learning (Apprenticeship) is one of Affinity’s four core values, growth, and knowledge acquisition is a daily motto for everyone. This acquisition can take place in a variety of formats, whether in the Trainings and Certifications offered, Affinity Talks, Workshops, and other forms of learning and participation that Affinity does not cease to look after. Our Friday Insights are another moment of unity and team spirit, with all the value and potential to enrich professionals while exchanging knowledge and learning together.

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