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At Affinity your references are (even more) valuable!

The Affinity Scouting Program was created by Affinity in 2013 to reward professional references received by other professionals. The dynamics are very simple, and anyone can take part by sharing their contacts as well as the contacts of a friend or colleague, whom they believe to be perfect to join our company. With the friend’s admission in Affinity, he will be starting a career with us, and the referrer receives 500€.


Given the value of human relations that we establish at a personal and professional level, this program has always had a very good outcome, allowing us to welcome excellent professionals and promote benefits to our employees, candidates, and referrers.


Therefore, at the beginning of this year we decided to increase the reward of references received from our employees; and, more recently, we took the initiative to also increase the value for external references – those coming from any professional who knows us and wishes to suggest a friend/colleague.


Our Scountig Program seeks to create win-win-win relationships, where simply and directly all parts benefit.

To simplify the referral process, Affinity has created a platform that intuitively invites the referrer to share their contacts as well as the contacts, CV, or Linked In profile of the referee. Affinity will then proceed with the necessary. Affinity’s Talent team will carefully survey the expectations and motivations of the referred professional and will quickly seek to integrate him/her into a project. The reference reward will then be paid after his/her integration phase – 3 months after the employee’s entrance date.


In addition to the monetary value received by the referrer, the referee will be integrated into a company that is committed to offering excellent career conditions. In fact, with the admission of each employee, we develop a unique Career Plan adapted to their professional aspirations, preferences, motivations as well as proposed follow-up and training stages that will guide them into achieving their goals. In addition, the company offers a set of personal and professional benefits that seek to meet the needs of the employee and contribute to their fulfillment.


A key company within the technologies market, Affinity offers outsourcing and nearshoring solutions at a national and international level having a clear focus on people, innovation, and sustained and sustainable growth.


Give us your references here!

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