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Blog With Affinity, a space of sharing & knowledge

Launched in the beginning of 2020, the Blog With Affinity has been a learning and sharing platform connecting Affinity and the technological community.


Created with the main premise of being a space in which students, recent graduates or new professionals from different areas could explore, learn, and maximize their knowledge, the blog substantially focuses on the technological sphere, but there is also space for various topics ranging from team management to individual professional guidance or company culture.


Our blog is entirely written by Affinity professionals counting already with 54 articles written by our 37 authors that explored topics such as programming; QA; Functional Analysis; UX/UI; Data and Data Engineering; Cybersecurity; Marketing; Digital Transformation; Personal and Professional Development among many others.


For more than three years we have been compiling advice, recommendations, and tips on one of our favorite ways of Learning – one of Affinity’s values. The aim is for Blog With Affinity to continue to be a platform for sharing experience, knowledge and expertise, created by ours, for ours.

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