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Catarina Simões takes leadership of Affinity’s People Department

At Affinity for 6 years, Catarina Simões has now taken over the position of Chief People Officer, the highest people management position in the company.


Catarina Simões’ career at Affinity began as a Junior Talent Manager, to later assume the role of Corporate & Culture Manager, responsible for the recruitment, management, and career monitoring of Affinity’s Corporate team. During this time, she has been consistently assuming herself as an example of leadership, demonstrating her potential and mirroring the Affinity Values.


About this promotion Carlos Pais Correia, Chief Executive Officer of Affinity argues that “Catarina is an expert in people management, combining talent with a great understanding of the business requirements of a technology company like Affinity. Skilled and resilient, ambitious and with a biting edge, she is refreshing to work with!”


Catarina Simões embraces this new position, in full alignment with Affinity’s business strategy for 2022, focused on the business and sourcing of international talent, increasing the density of internal talent, improving the meritocratic life of the company’s employees, developing new leaders, and sharing knowledge, experience and wealth with society and the global market.


Ensuring a strong commitment to the company’s Culture, Catarina will be fully dedicated to ensuring the best management of our people as Chief People Officer, prioritizing the quality and accuracy of processes, monitoring careers and progression, recruiting the best talents, and defending Affinity’s promise of delivering to all Players their #LifetimeExperience.

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