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Challenges & Achievements in the first half of 2020

We believe that reaching goals and overcoming challenges should be shared and celebrated as a team and therefore, at the end of the first half of 2020, Affinity’s Corporate team gathered in an e-meeting to discuss the company’s progress in the first half of the year.


During the meeting, the leaders of each of Affinity’s departments took an overview of their own area’s achievements outlining a comparative analysis in relation to the objectives of the year. They presented the strategies adopted and the progress made in the areas of Governance, Marketing, and Communications, Technologies, Business, People, and Office. It was also discussed how each department, the company, and the sector has adjusted to this unprecedented period caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite the troubled world context, Affinity’s economic indicators show the positive way in which it has faced all the challenges internally and externally. The necessary adjustment to the new remote work model brought challenges for the various areas and teams, but also brought opportunities for union through online channels, and an increased focus using remote work methodologies. The business has not stopped, it has adapted and prospered as the analysis of the company’s results demonstrated.


It should be noted that Affinity stood out for its strong digital presence that aimed to enhance internal communications, bringing together and uniting employees, but also externally, amplifying feelings of positivism, setting an example, and being proactive in how to face the world scene. Affinity’s Technologies area remained focused on the development of its own software and the needs of current customers, having registered significant advances during this period. It was also verified an excellent adaptation of the business, capacity to respond to the needs and new realities of the clients, as well as an excellent capacity to attract candidates. Opting for digital channels, Affinity’s recruitment team continues looking for tech talents, interviewing, and bringing the best professionals to the company. The planned training and workshops were also maintained, this time adopting the 100% online format as well as the Assessments and presence in university events.


Despite all the adversities that the last months have presented, the positive results of this first semester’s balance sheet confirmed Affinity’s excellent capacity for adaptation and overcoming challenges. Affinity continues its path as a reference company in the technology market, growing, honouring its commitments, and always projecting a better and successful future!

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