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Entering the last Quarter of the first decade of Affinity!

Entering the last three months of the year that marks its tenth anniversary, Affinity reaffirms its strategy and revises priorities, anticipating a strong and prosperous year 2022 and bringing together its entire universe in an unparalleled celebration at the end of November.


At the beginning of the month, Affinity Governance, Operations, People, Technologies, Marketing & Communications and Office areas held a meeting of department leaders, to review the year’s progress sharing the main highlights and the priorities for the last months of the year.


Affinity’s Talent Management team maintains an important focus on hiring specialized professionals with strong experience and expertise in the most diverse technological areas, and on meeting the needs of clients and projects. During this 3rd Quarter, professionals in Brazil and Tunisia joined the team in order to guarantee geographic and linguistic transversality in line with the company’s globalization strategy.


The company’s globalization and the focus on nearshore, leads our Operations team to focus on technological trends in Europe, anticipating needs and creating business opportunities. We are proud to be more and more a partner for all our customers, building relationships of trust, quality, and efficiency of response. With these objectives in mind and taking as a priority the relationship we establish with our employees, this year we inaugurated strategies that aim at greater proximity and monitoring of the careers of professionals, adding to our constant concern with offering opportunities for relevant training and development corresponding to the interests and aspirations of our employees.


Still with a view to the well-being and satisfaction of our people, we inaugurated a new and more intuitive way of accessing special conditions with partners and new Affinity Communities, promoting synergy and balance between our employee’s personal and professional life.


The Keywork development team kept its focus on evolving its three distinct products: Keywork Recruitment, Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Portal, agile work tools used by Affinity to manage all of its processes and that offer a strategic advantage within the scope of human resources and internal communication.


In all areas of Affinity, steps are taken together, coherent with the identity and intentions of the brand, synonymous with ambition, action, learning (apprenticeship) and, of course, affinity. With the last months of the year ahead and a great desire to close this tenth year in the best possible way, the teams point the way and together, we enter the countdown for our 10th Anniversary and Christmas celebration on the 25th of November!

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