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How does Portugal get ready for 2030?

When we wonder about the potential of Portugal, there is more and more to say. Without any kind of political framework, anyone who is aware of the plans put into action by the Portuguese Government realizes that the objective of increasing R&D investment stands out. It is not difficult to deduce where the Government wants to go by deliberating that the percentage of 20 years old students attending higher education increases to 60%. And also when it wants to put Portugal among the European leaders in digital skills.


This “declaration of intent” is already under way. Since the beginning of March, the Portuguese Official Gazette has published a resolution of the Council of Ministers (nº 25/2018) that defines the procedures that underpin the strategy of technological and business innovation for Portugal 2018-2030. The National Innovation Agency is in charge of pursuing the guidelines.


Over the next 12 years – with a view to boosting innovation and technology adoption by companies and society in general – there will be a strengthening of the promotion of scientific and technological culture, the instruments of internationalization of knowledge, increased scientific employment for young PhDs and the stability of funding for scientific and technological institutions.


Carlos Pais Correia – Partner & CEO @Affinity Portugal

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