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#InsideAffinity, an opportunity to dive into our Affinity

Carried throughout 2022, #InsideAffinity was a series of videos thought and created with a very specific purpose: to represent, in one minute, our management teams in a creative and deconstructed way introducing what are their daily work processes.


The videos were released in stages over the last 12 months, never ceasing to surprise the teams that took part in it, seeking to capture the true essence of the dynamics, and functions of each department.


The #InsideAffinity with our Operations team was the first to be released and it took place in the field! A basketball game between members of our biggest team, the team that works daily on the front line and that, in order to achieve goals, does not only need technique, but also tactics, team spirit, willpower and a healthy dose of competition!


The video of our Keywork Development team took a very different angle, responsible for the development and support of Keywork products, this team’s video strived to capture the dynamics of launching new features. A video with a touch of humor, which mirrors all the roles needed to make Keywork take off into space!


In sunny August, there was released the #InsideAffinity of the department responsible for administrative processes, contracts and our office dynamics, our Office management team – with the handling of the ‘testimonial’, there was demonstrated the unity and the team spirit present daily in the fulfillment of all requests that come to them!


Affinity’s People department video portrays the path taken by the company’s employees, since they begin their #LifetimeExperience! From the interview, reception, integration and all the follow-ups and proximity… this is the team that makes our employees feel our Affinity from the first minute.


And finally, the Marketing and Communication team – in an analogy of what their work dynamics and day-to-day life looks like, their video portrays a fun version of the ‘expectation vs reality’ of being part of a creative team!


The pride we take in our people, in our everyday operations and methods, is the most important thing that we strived to highlight in every #InsideAffinity created. An opportunity for customers, employees, and future Players to get to know each department from the inside.

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