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Keywok is now found at Microsoft Marketplace

Affinity has recently become a Microsoft Silver partner, in the areas of ‘Application Integration’ and ‘Application Development’. The advantages of this new partnership are numerous both for the company and its employees raging from business related benefits to training and learning opportunities, access to technical support platforms, products, and others. It is in this context that Keywork – a high performance platform aimed at recruitment and human resource management – is now integrated in Microsoft Marketplace.


Besides providing technological consultancy services, Affinity is also a software house with a team entirely dedicated to Keywork development. This team was responsible for Keywork’s creation since its beginning and is completely dedicated to its constant growth as well as to client support and bug fixing. Keywork’s goal is to ensure agile human resource management, combining hiring, staffing and career management processes, simplifying communication between teams and becoming a key working tool for the smooth running of projects and businesses.


As Affinity is now Microsoft partner, Keywork becomes a Microsoft trusted software, integrated into the Microsoft Marketplace and globally accessible to an increasing number of clients.


Whether the need is for technological services or management software, Affinity is proud of being able to answer its clients’ needs in an adjusted and precise way both on a national and international level. This integration in Microsoft’s Marketplace is then translated into a confirmation of value as well as a new vehicle to reach customers world-wide.

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