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Keywork expands its specialized product offer and launches a new website!

Keywork, a brand developed by Affinity focused on the agile management of Human Resources, has expanded its product offer in 2022 aiming to effectively adapt to different business types, needs and customer profiles.


With a new strategic positioning and the signature “A better way to work”, Keywork launches its new website presenting 3 different products created to serve the needs of each client: Keywork Recruitment, Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Portal. With its specific objectives and functionalities Keywork products can now be consulted and purchased on the new website.


Keywork Recruitment is a product aimed at companies with high levels of recruitment, in any sector of activity or area of competence (IT, Finance, Health, Industry, etc). It is a tool that allows for efficient recruitment processes, with a single, integrated, and secure, GDPR compliant candidate database, in which it is easy to qualify, filter, search and share the follow-up of all interactions with candidates. Keywork Recruitment is useful for any company or business area, as it is an important ally in all processes and has no limit of candidates or open opportunities. It includes sourcing & screening features, opportunity management, a candidate portal, and LinkedIn Chrome Extension – which allows you to automatically search, collect and save profiles through LinkedIn. Keywork Recruitment requires a minimum of 3 users and is available at €1,200 per user per year, a true digital transformation of recruitment and HR processes.


Keywork Enterprise is a product aimed at companies whose core business is based on outsourcing services, in any sector of activity or area of competence (IT, Finance, Health, Industry, etc), and with a massive recruitment dynamic. It is available at €1,900 per year and user, and, like Keywork Recruitment, it has no limit on candidates or opportunities. It is a comprehensive tool in terms of human resources management, combining hiring, employee management and career management in a simple and intuitive interface, simplifying communication between teams distributed in any geography and allowing full control over the business. Keywork Enterprise reports, measures success and therefore enables fast and accurate decision making. It is the ideal tool for any company whose business is related or heavily dependent on hiring processes, such as outsourcing or recruitment.


Keywork Portal is an administrative and communication process management platform, which encompasses the most diverse processes of an employee’s life, making a company’s daily tasks digital. The objective is to automate repetitive and large-scale activities related to the management of teams and projects, submission of time sheets, scheduling vacations and absences, managing company events, training, travel, submitting expenses, among others. It is applicable to a company of any sector of activity and is a relevant tool for the management of internal processes with immediate returns – it is available at €120 per user per year, requires a minimum of 30 users.


Since Keywork is focused on the digitization of business processes in a very complete way, its separation into three products represents a unique opportunity for companies that aim to make their processes more agile according to their specific needs. A restructuring that makes Keywork even more complete and adaptable to all types of business, able to better serve the needs of each client.

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