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Keywork launches the Player Portal

Keywork, the software developed by Affinity that aims to make Human Resources processes more agile, starts 2021 with a new and very ambitious feature – The Player Portal.


This much awaited announcement was made by Affinity’s Chief Technologies Officer, Miguel Marques, responsible for Keywork development, who surprised Affinity employees with an early Christmas present by bringing this much desired news to Affinity’s Christmas event last month.


Besides providing technology consulting services, Affinity also has its own software development team that is responsible for the innovation and evolution of the Keywork platform, a team that is entirely behind the development of the new Player Portal.


The Player Portal will make career management processes more efficient and collaborative, offering more autonomy and agility in the submission and approval of activities such as timesheets, holidays, leaves, among others. It also has several other potentialities that are still under development and will allow increasing productivity, cooperation, and communication in the most diverse company matters.


Keywork is a key tool dedicated to hiring, management, communication, and monitoring human resources. It is an important ally for companies with a high number of employees or whose business is directly linked to managing human resources. It offers Sourcing & Screening; Opportunities Management; Staffing; Analytics; Navigation and Monitoring; and now the Player Portal.


Keywork becomes an increasingly more complete solution adding to all its features, the potentialities brought by the new Player Portal.

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