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Keywork products evolve and launch new features

Having restructured its positioning and product offering at the beginning of this year, Keywork continues to grow as a brand, presenting solutions adapted to the needs of its users, customers, and potential customers.


Introduced to the market in 2017 as a product aimed at the agile management of Human Resources, in 2022 Keywork assumes a new strategic positioning following the signature “A better way to work”, inaugurating its new website and introducing three different products: Keywork Recruitment, Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Portal. Three products, designed and tailored to different types of business, objectives, and functionalities in order to better serve the needs of each client.


Keywork Recruitment and Keywork Enterprise are aimed at greater efficiency and digitization of recruitment and hiring processes, with ‘Keywork Recruitment’ being a simpler and more transversal tool for any client or business typology and ‘Keywork Enterprise’, adding functionalities of career management, business, reporting and analytics – among others -, is intended for companies with a massive recruitment dynamic and/or whose business is related or heavily dependent on hiring processes. On the other hand, Keywork Portal is a platform for managing administrative and improved communication processes, encompassing the most diverse processes of an employee’s life, digitalizing daily tasks and procedures and it is applicable to any company in any sector of activity.


Keywork counts with a dedicated team of engineers and technology experts in different areas that guarantee the daily maintenance of Keywork products as well as their constant evolution. Needs and requirements are constantly being detected either proactively or through inputs received by customers and users. The team works rigorously and dedicatedly to constantly improve product features and launch new ones.


In what regards to Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Recruitment in recent months, there were introduced features such as new fields and notifications capabilities for a greater ease of information on the availability of candidates and the last contacts made; there can also be highlighted features such as new permission management for greater autonomy of the human resources manager in the process of hiring talent and allocating professionals to opportunities as well as improvements on the reports that can be extracted from Keywork Enterprise and Keywork Recruitment, including new fields and the addition of new financial indicators on the client page in the case of Keywork Enterprise.


On the Keywork Portal side, there are some new additions related to a better management of timesheets and vacations, with new options being added such as the possibility of having multiple ‘managers’, submission of half-days off and options to export specific data/reports directly from the Portal for a better analysis of vacations and working hours of employees and teams.


All these new features emerge from Keywork’s desire to constantly evolve, listening to the needs of its customers and users and seeking to provide proactive and rigorous responses. In a context of increasingly global, dynamic, and competitive markets, it is important that professionals have at their disposal agile work tools that can offer them a strategic advantage. In the area of human resources, this trend is evident and Keywork products are designed and developed exactly with this in mind, with an thoughtful eye on market shifts, digitalization of work processes and the importance of enhancing human capital within organizations.


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