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Keywork rewards References received from all its Users

Keywork, a high-performance platform developed by Affinity, which allows agile Human Resources management, launches a new program that rewards references received from all its users – the Keywork Referral Program.


With around 20 clients and over 1600 users, Keywork is a software designed to facilitate processes of hiring, management, communication and monitoring of human resources, working as a key-tool for the efficient operation of projects and business. Keywork is currently used by technology companies, but also in companies and industries as diverse as Lusíadas Saúde and Luz Saude, PTC Group, Omea Conseil, Azapi Brasil, among others.


Having said this, who’s better to certify the strategic value and potential of the platform than those who use it in their daily processes?


At any time while navigating through their Keywork space, users will have the option to click on the “Referral Program” buttom clearly avaliable on the platform itself. To submit their references, Keywork users will just have to provide the name and contacts of their friend or former colleague who works at a company where a software like Keywork could be of value.


As a thank you, if business is closed with the referenced company, the referrer will receive a reward equivalent to 10% of the amount agreed for the 1st year subscription. The prize is paid 3 months after the contract is settled and is done through an El Corte Ingles or SONAE voucher, as per the referrer’s preference.


Following the first contact, Keywork specialists are totally available to schedule a free product demo to better explain the software and all its potentialities.
With an inclusive range of features such as: Sourcing & Screening; Opportunity Management; Staffing; Analytics; and Navigation (employee monitoring and career support), Keywork becomes a valuable software for companies with a high number of employees or whose business-core includes human resources management.


Affinity maintains its commitment to innovation and agility and Keywork is, without a doubt, one of the great strategic vectors that enables this agility and constant evolution.

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