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One year of our Blog “With Affinity”

It was in February 2020 that we began one of the projects we are most proud of. A platform that carries our ever-present Ambition, capacity for Action, spirit of Affinity and our quest for constant Learning (Apprenticeship). Our blog “With Affinity” in now online for a year and counts with about 14 authors and 20 articles!


Created with the main purpose of being a space of sharing, the blog “With Affinity” has grown to become a space for valuable insights and knowledge in several areas such as technologies, career development and management. Written by Affinity’s employees, the blog “With Affinity” invites its authors to share their ideas, tips, and know-how that can be useful for other professionals or aspirants. The intention is to, positively and actively, contribute to the personal and professional development of both readers and writers, who find here a unique space for expression.


Among the topics already developed, we can highlight subjects such as cybersecurity, digital transformation, functional analysis, application development, application architecture, UX/UI, Quality Assurance, or articles related to career development such as tips for a good CV, the importance of setting goals, the power of feedback and reflections on how to make the most out of our difficulties and how to pursue the opportunities that make us feel more fulfilled.


This way, the blog “With Affinity” intends to recognize the company’s talents at the same time as it becomes an important source of information, reflection, sharing and support for the reader in his own path and professional evolution.


All Affinity’s employees are welcome in this online community space that aims to become a reference point for all the Affinity universe but also, for all technological and business sphere.

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