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In January this year, Keywork – our human resources and career management software – launched a new module that promises to develop even further the employee’s internal management within a company. The Player Portal is a management and communication platform that encompasses the most diverse processes of an employee’s life, facilitating and digitalizing their daily tasks.


Launched but not finished, the Player Portal has been surprising its users with new features that strive to improve user experience making it more intuitive, useful, and complete and that aim to turn it into a strategic bridge between the employee and all company matters.


After logging in, the user is received on an initial Dashboard where he finds news, articles, and Quick Updates on the most diverse topics of interest as well as updates regarding his own activity/project, ongoing actions, or information regarding Protocols with partner companies amongst others. In this initial Dashboard there is also the possibility of integrating the company’s Training Calendar with all learning initiatives taking place during the year and the respective registration form. All these topics with the ease of intuitively referring to source pages and / or other useful hyperlinks.


In addition to all features previously announced, this Dashboard makes the Player Portal an increasingly complete and integrative space in the company, leveraging Affinity’s digital transformation in a sustained and consistent way. From the coming months, the Player Portal will also be available to customers already using our Keywork and soon, it will be made available to new customers looking for an agile solution for integrating their various management and internal communication needs.


The Player Portal intends to continue to grow strategically, following the requirements and aspirations of its customers and potential customers and assuming the commitment of constant evolution within the technological scope it integrates.

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