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Portuguese do it better? Oui, bien sûr!

Our start-ups ecosystem, consisting of more than 2 500, reflects the existence of talent, will, diversity, energy and circulation of assets. There is an increasingly optimized use of outsourcing services, data centres and solutions that facilitate the development of everyday business. In the national ecosystem of start-ups, important synergies develop. There is energy, there is interaction, there is diversity and circulation within the system: there is self-motivation and results in sight.


Unemployment declines, reaching values below 10% and 46% of new jobs originate in these new companies. The economy is flourishing in a way, and according to data from the Start-up Europe Partnership, the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem grows twice the European average. We are a case study for everyone who wants to observe us.


Technological talent is, compared to the more northern countries, specialized and consistent. Portugal is an oasis for the provision of Nearshore services since it presents advantages in multiple dimensions. The IT Outsourcing services area is very dynamic and mature: a market worth around 1 000 million euros in 2017. There are several successful cases, such as BNP Paribas, Natixis, Euronext – all Affinity’s clients! There are many others to point out, such as Google, Amazon, Mercedes Digital, etc.


The quality of technological higher education is at the forefront of academic excellence. Recently, Instituto Superior Técnico ranked among the 50 best engineering schools in the world, by the prestigious US News ranking. This is attributable to the quality of teachers, researchers and students.


Technological areas have such high employability potential that, according to DGEEC data, are on the list of courses with zero unemployment or less than 1%. Who is in the stage of choosing a field of studies still in secondary education, and wants to have a future guaranteed job, should study computer science!


The technological talent of the Portuguese professionals and our competitive advantages vis-à-vis the world are enviable. And our performance is neither reasonable nor good. It’s outstanding!



Carlos Pais Correia – Partner & CEO @Affinity Portugal

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