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R&D, economics and qualification are Portuguese keywords!

The Portuguese economy has no alternative but to become more competitive. Rising private spending on R&D, valuing skilled and scientific employment, and the intensity of collaboration between companies and scientific and technological infrastructures are the heart and soul of this strategy. The Web Summit in Portugal is just an indicator. The installation of competence centres and the provision of IT services make us a magnet in the Nearshore model. For the time being, we are still living a reality of “each one for itself”, but the future may well be shared services in the sector.


New products and processes will emerge, technology-based entrepreneurship will proliferate and there will be incentives and the participation of companies and consortiums in international dynamics to effectively disseminate scientific and business results. Basically, Portugal will try to move to the market niches that it has not yet reached.


Carlos Pais Correia – Partner & CEO @Affinity Portugal

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