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Say welcome to our Affinity Tech Communities!

At the beginning of this year, we inaugurated the Affinity Communities, thought to become privileged spaces to connect with like-minded people, sharing tastes, hobbies, practices, and good times among the company’s employees and, thus, fostering “Lifetime Experiences”. With our Lifestyle communities running smoothly for a few months, we now take on a new direction with the creation of a group of communities aimed at the exchange of technological knowledge: the Affinity Tech Communities.


The Affinity Communities were originally launched in March 2022 with six specific communities linked to six different modalities. Two additional ones were later included following suggestions received from some of our employees. To these first eight we are now adding a new group of communities dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, impressions, opinions, and good practices in specific areas of technology, thus responding not only to our commitment to stay close and encourage ‘Affinity’ between our people, but also, to meet another one of our values: Learning (Apprenticeship).


Inaugurating this month, the Affinity Tech Communities promise to offer an important source of support for new professionals in their respective fields, as well as a relevant platform for exchanging ideas with quick and practical access for all professionals in the company. These will then become a way for us to promote the connection between our people by sharing interests and/or areas of experience wherever they are geographically located.


Being part of the Affinity Communities – Lifestyle and Tech – is open and accessible to all our employees, and the involvement in all communities is encouraged.

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