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Starting Up together!

January is intrinsically associated with the beginning of a new chapter. It is time to make an overview of the year that ends and reflect on the new year’s priorities and goals. At Affinity, it is this exact spirit that is felt in our first encounter of the year, where we bring our employees together and set the tone for 2021.


Usually held in person, our Start Up Corporate 2021 was this year carried out in digital format. Nevertheless, it did not fail to fulfill its purpose of guaranteeing that our Corporate team is well informed about the plans for the new year and united in terms of priorities and principles. One by one, the leaders of the different departments of Affinity presented the accomplishments of 2020, highlighting the true commitment that was felt across all areas to overcome and succeed despite the challenges imposed. This yearly overview is then complemented with the presentation of the new year’s objectives that with ambition and focus aim to lead the company and its people towards prosperity and continuous growth.


This encounter is now followed by the ‘official’ and always striking Affinity Start Up 2021, which brings together the entire Affinity universe in moments of sharing and synergy between the different areas of the company. In this event, we get together to celebrate the successes of the past year, rewarding some of our employees for their best practices and commitment and we share all the news and updates to be carried during the new year.


Affinity Start Up 2021 will take place on February 8 and it will also be entirely held online. As usual, we anticipate an evening full of pleasant moments, team spirit and, of course, a lot of Affinity!

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