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Talking about Quarkus: A Java Framework addressed in our next Affinity Talk

On the 16th of May 2023, Affinity embraces a new Affinity Talk in the context of Java under the premise ‘Developer Joy with Framework Quarkus’.


The talk will be conducted by our guest speaker, Roberto Cortez, a true Java guru, active presence in the Open-Source community and speaker at several national and international conferences. Roberto Cortez invites everyone to participate and admits that “Developing a Java application does not have to be boring. Did you find yourself wasting several hours accomplishing simple tasks? Quarkus brings back the developer’s joy of writing code.”


Quarkus, which is a Kubernetes-native Java framework built for Java Virtual Machines (JVM’s), is designed to work with Java patterns, frameworks, and libraries, and offers a reactive, imperative, and unified programming model to respond to various distributed application architectures.


This Talk is not restricted to Affinity employees and invites all interested parties to participate. All subscribers are also eligible to win a ticket that will be raffled during the Talk, for the JNation event on the 6th and 7th of June – a Technological conference organized by Developers for Developers, where there will be addressed topics on Java, Javascript, Cloud and Infrastructures, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Security and Methodologies with the participation of selected international speakers.


The Talk ‘Developer Joy with Quarkus Framework’ was set with the intention of sharing experience, knowledge and of course foster Learning, one of the Affinity values that we seek to put into practice in a constant and meaningful way.


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