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The Player Portal, continues to evolve and is soon to be available to the market

The Player Portal, a product created by Keywork development team, is getting ready to be available to the market at the beginning of next year. Aimed at managing employee processes and careers in an agile, optimized, and user-friendly way, the Player Portal has been used by Affinity since the beginning of this year, preparing to be opened to the market during 2022.


Since it has been launched, the Player Portal has greatly contributed to the improvement of many processes at Affinity giving employees greater autonomy and enabling quick and effective interactions between people and departments. As it continues to evolve with new features being added and constant improvements on the existing ones, the intention is for this to become an increasingly complete and useful space for efficient communication and good articulation of processes.


With its immense potential, the Player Portal has a Dashboard, a common space to all company employees, where it can be shared content of global interest. This can become an informative and useful space including news feeds about the company or sector, company blog feed and other customizable feeds with alerts or institutional updates related to company events/training opportunities/special alerts among others.


Apart from this shared Dashboard, each employee has their individual workspace where they can consult and manage the most diverse issues related to their life in the company, from contractual information, submission, and management of timesheets/workbooks, scheduling vacations or days off, record absences, record remote/office work, and other specific issues related to their career and life at the company.
In addition to these features, the Player Portal aims to grow in a proactive, timely and constant manner, responding to the needs of its customers and users.


The Player Portal is applicable to any company in any sector of activity, becoming an important internal management tool and a strategic investment for companies that, as early as next year, start using it.


Although it can function as a great complement to Keywork, the Player Portal, is a Saas service tool and works completely autonomously being applied to customers who only need a tool aimed at managing their employees’ processes. For customers already using Keywork Recruitment or Keywork Enterprise, the Employee Portal has the ability to exponentially improve the efficiency and agility of managing internal processes in a fully integrated manner.


Whether used independently or as an addition to Keywork, the Player Portal allows for an extensive improvement of the entire employee experience and satisfaction, from their first day at a company to the last. A matter that, today, is not just a differentiation factor but a must have!

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