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The value of Management Tools in discussion on our next Webinar

The first Affinity Webinar of the year will take place on May 18th at 9:30h GMT and will focus on the theme “The strategic value of using the right tools in HR and Project Management”. In this Webinar, speakers from Affinity, Keywork and a special guest from Microsoft will bring to debate the importance of work tools to ensure efficient communication and strategy processes in a digitized business reality.


As workspaces become more flexible, global, and digital, the importance arises of ensuring that teams and employees have the right work tools that ensure their quality of life and business growth. Technology combined with human resources and project management contributes to this collaboration and consequent evolution of companies, making work more agile in remote or hybrid work models.


Sponsored by Affinity, this Webinar will feature insights from Manuel Moura, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager; Miguel Marques, Affinity CTO & Keywork Product Owner and Cristiana Vicente, Affinity Talent Unit Manager.


Manuel Moura’s contribution will open this Webinar with a global view of the importance of efficient tools for the communication and collaboration of teams contributing to a productive, healthy, and balanced work environment. Next, Miguel Marques, Affinity CTO & Keywork Product Owner will share how Keywork effectively responds to these needs and trends, allowing for an agile management of processes related to human resources. To finalize Affinity Talent Unit Manager, Cristiana Vicente will bring the concrete example of someone who manages a recruitment team in a very fast-paced, dynamic and hybrid work environment. Before the closing, there will be a moment dedicated to Q&A with the speakers, where the audience will be able to interact, ask their questions or share experiences.


The Webinar can be attended for free and will be taking place on May 18th at 9:30 am GMT seeking to answer relevant strategic questions of daily work processes and the balance between professional and personal life within companies and a clear vision on how to be more productive, efficient, collaborative, and autonomous in human resource management contexts.


More information and registration through the website:

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